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​International Worship Service in the City Curch of Bayreuth in 2023Hide

Under the motto "Christ Bridges Worlds" a service of Holy Communion has been celebrated monthly in the City Church of Bayreuth since December 2015. The service is open to all, especially refugees, foreign students and locals. To enable people of different backgrounds and languages to worship together, English ist the main language, but we have a printed service order is in six languages. Following the service, there is finger food for all, and those attending are invited to bring snacks with them - at the moment we don't have finger food.

The International Services for 2003 are planned for saturday at the 28-1-23, 18.2.23, 25-3-23-22-4-23, 20-5-23, 24-6-23, 22-7-23, 23-9-23, 14-10-23, 18-11-23, 15-12-23 (the 15th of december is a friday!). Please find more information at the homepage here and on facebook.

​Exhibition "Floating Assemblies" at the Iwalewahaus from 12th May to 15th December 2023Hide

On 11th May 2023, the new exhibition "Floating Assemblies" at the Iwalewahaus was ceremonially opened.
More information about the vernissage and the exhibition can be found on the website of the Iwalewahaus.


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