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International Club for the University of Bayreuth

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Programs and Projects

All of the events we organize serve to help integrate our international guests. The organization of social and cultural contact opportunities is an appropriate means to acquaint guests with the host country and its culture.

1. Social and cultural programsHide
  • Guest meeting:
    Monthly meeting (usually the third Thursday of the month) of club members and university guests at the Alexander von Humboldt Haus (IBZ), located at Eichendorffring 5.
    At these events, guests have the possibility to meet other guests of the university and their families and exchange information and experiences over a cup of coffee or tea.
  • Franconian night:
    Once a year (at the end of June or the beginning of July) in the Alexander von Humboldt Haus (IBZ), located at Eichendorffrng 5.
    At this event guests have the opportunity to become acquainted with the traditions and cuisine of Upper Franconia.  In the afternoon, the Club offers a cultural program.
  • Traditional festival of St. Nicholas:
    This event is held on the feast of St. Nicholas (usually the 6th of December) in the Alexander von Humboldt Haus (IBZ), located at Eichendorffring 5.
    This is an event especially for the children, but also for the university’s international guests and club members.
  • Welcome Party:
    At the beginning of each semester, the club members, university representatives and the international guests (who are researchers or doctoral candidates here) have the opportunity to make new contacts, have conversations and exchange experiences with one another in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Special events and programs:
    Various excursions or nature hikes with the children, art exhibitions, visits to museums.
2. ProjectsHide
  • German courses:
    For families with small children “learning in a relaxed environment”.
    The language courses follow the objective of our club to alleviate some of the everyday problems that the international guests of the university and their families might have. Contact and enroll for German courses at the lecturer Dr. Angelika Hanisch, Tel. 0921-63294, E-Mail: mailto: angelika@hanisch.biz.
  • Family-friendly university:
    Support the university’s efforts in creating a family-friendly university. The University of Bayreuth has for some time been making efforts to create a more family friendly environment at the university which meets the needs of families. One of our main goals is ensuring that there are child care facilities in the immediate vicinity of the university. Our club further supports these efforts by procuring equipment for the kindergartens which are designed for use by members of the university community.
  • Three Initiatives - One Project:


    See the article (in German) here and another one here. On the photo (fltr): Susanne Haupenthal (IC), Margit Rehner (Artist), Mavie Schäfer (IC) with a picture of the artist Brigitte Böhler, Gabriele Munzert (Director of "Wir helfen in Bayreuth"), Angela Danner (University of Bayreuth), Hans-Hubertus Esser (Director Kunstverein Bayreuth).
3. Our social commitment to the city of BayreuthHide

One of the club’s committees has for years been actively involved in the Hospitalstift, an institution for senior care. Enjoying coffee and cake on a lively afternoon with an interesting program of activities, music, exercise, and entertainment brings a bit of joy and variety to the lives of the seniors. In this effort we are creating a warm atmosphere and a close connection to our senior citizens, which has become all too seldom of late in our society.

Webmaster: Univ.Prof.Dr. Klaus Schäfer

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