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IC-Hiking Tour from Sanspareil to Wonsees and back, organized by Prof. Dr. Sander van Smaalen and Wil Meijer

Sunday, May 7th 2023, 10:00 until about 16:00
Parking lot "Felsengarten" in Sanspareil (Navigation system: Sanspareil 34, 96197 Wonsees)

We will meet at the parking „Felsengarten“ in Sanspareil. We will hike together from Sanspareil to Wonsees and back.

Hike: 7,1 km, 127 vertical meters, 2 hour and 20 minutes walking time

Return: 3,6 km, 117 vertical meters, 1 hour and 15 minutes walking time.

Lunch: Le Mani d'Oro, Tel: 09274 8089711, Marktplatz 2, 96197 Wonsees.

Guests are welcome!

Directions from Bayreuth (drive time approx. 35 minutes; in the navigation system please enter Sanspareil 34, 96197 Wonsees):

B85 towards Kulmbach. After passing through Altenplos, turn left in the direction of Thurnau/Kasendorf (signposted). In Thurnau, drive to the town centre at the castle. Continue to follow the road (uphill). The road leads via Berndorf to Großenhül. In Großenhül first turn right and then left to Sanspareil. Turn left immediately after entering Sanspareil (photo) and turn left again to the "Felsengarten" car park.

Alternative (1): B22 towards Hollfeld. Shortly before Hollfeld, turn right and drive in the direction of Fernreuth/Gelbsreuth/Kleinhül/Großenhül. In Großenhül turn left towards Sanspareil (see above).

Alternative (2): Motorway A70 direction Bamberg. Exit Thurnau-West. At the end of the exit turn right and after 500 metres turn left. Continue via Berndorf to Großenhül and Sanspareil (see above).

QUESTIONS AND REGISTRATION: Registration by 30th April is requested from Wil Meijer, phone 0921-81391 or email: wil.meijer@web.de

Contact details on the day of the hike: Cell phone 0151 1847 5596 (Meijer) or 0160 9208 3176 (van Smaalen)


Meeting point Parking lot „Felsengarten“ in Sanspareil (Navigation system: Sanspareil 34, 96197 Wonsees).

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